Understanding the job market

The world of work is changing faster than ever before, not least due to new technology such as artificial intelligence causing disruption. Experts PwC predict that as many as third of all jobs are at risk of automation. With all this change, how do you make sure that your teenager is making the best possible career choice for the future?

The answer is to use Labour Market Information. LMI as it’s known, provides insights based on statistics, research and analysis on current and future economic and job trends which can help your teenager as they are making their career choices.

At Careers Advice for Parents, we use information from the Government’s Labour Market For All website to help you help your child.

The tool you see below will help you and your teenager to explore:

  • rates of pay,
  • working hours,
  • how many people are employed in a specific role,
  • which sectors the role is linked to, and
  • how much demand there is likely to be for that role between now and 2024.


So why not start exploring now?

To explore a specific role, just click on “Click to pick a job” and then type in the name of the role you want to learn more about.

You can compare several roles at the same time by using all or some of the cards simultaneously so you can see the differences clearly.

If you just want to find out UK labour market information, then click on the “Display the UK average” button.

Happy researching!


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