I recently received this query from a pupil in Year 11:

“Hello, I am currently still at school. When will i be able to apply for an apprenticeship? Would this be after i have done my GCSE’s?  Thanks.”

I thought it would be useful to reproduce my reply here in my blog as I suspect that many young people will be wondering exactly the same thing!


Applying for Apprenticeships

From around Easter onwards you will see a gradual increase in the number of apprenticeships advertised for school and college leavers as opposed to vacancies for people currently job seeking. The latter kind will have an immediate start date whereas the ones you’re interested in will state a start date at any time from July to September/October.

There is no set system for how to apply. It all depends on what the employers want to do. So in some cases you’re asked to apply online on the employer’s own website while in other cases you will apply through a user account on a site like our own or the official Find an Apprenticeship site.

It’s all a bit complicated and messy I’m afraid! The most important thing for school leavers like you to do is to be organised and systematic about your various applications (get some folders sorted!) and to devise a well written CV. You can then use the CV as your starting point for completing application forms online or on paper, if that’s the method the employer has chosen.

How to find apprenticeship vacancies

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Good luck with your applications!