For young people in England there are two main places you can go to get expert advice online.

  • the Not Going To Uni (NGTU) web site provides an online Advice Centre.  Parents are also welcome to use this service.
  • the National Careers Service offers web chat, email and an online forum.  If you are 19 or over you can also request a face to face discussion with an adviser.

NB:  Please note that you do need to register as a user with these sites before asking questions.  This is a simple process and only takes a few minutes to do.

How to Ask for Help in the NGTU Advice Centre

This is a three step process:

1.  choose a topic category from the drop down box

NGTU Advice Centre

2.  click on the blue link (post your own question)

3.  then type away in the box that appears!