British Chambers of Commerce have issued a Skills and Employment Manifesto which addresses the major problems we face in supporting young people’s transition from education to employment.

This document calls for the government to radically reform the current provision for careers education:

“Our current training system relies on individuals to assess both their own strengths and likely employer demand for particular  skills, and then to choose training relevant  to a particular profession. it doesn’t work.  Inadequate careers information, advice and guidance means that few young people are able to make an informed decision based on the full range of opportunities available to them, and many focus on skills that are poorly matched to demand from employers.

Business has had enough of this broken system and calls for urgent reform. Careers education  must include regular contact with employers.

  •  Careers education should start in Key Stage 2 and build to form a statutory element of secondary national curriculums.  Every young person should gain work experience of different lengths in different sectors. Chambers of Commerce can facilitate these placements with local and national businesses.
  •  Publicly funded careers services should be fully extended to cover anyone over the age of 13, including face-to-face advice.
  •  national insurance numbers should be used to track the average earnings of each  school’s alumni as a proxy for success in the labour market.
  •  ‘Destination measures’ should be extended to include longer-term outcomes. Although there is value to understanding the destination of students after12 months, this encourages some schools to find any destination rather than the right one for each individual.  Destination measures should be extended to show five-year destinations.”

Read the full Manifesto: