One of the best (but not the only) places to find and apply online for apprenticeships is through the official (government sponsored) ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ service at

Having registered a user account (you need a valid email address) you can manage multiple applications through the portal with a minimum of fuss. Below are some top tips to ensure a trouble-free experience:

 Use your personal email address >>
Use your own email address rather than your school one to ensure you have continued access to messages.

 Don’t register twice >> 
Try not to create more than one account as you may not remember several usernames and passwords. Having several accounts would make it difficult for you to manage your job applications.

 Forgotten your username? >>
If you’ve forgotten your username, you can request a reminder.

Forgotten your password? >>
If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request a temporary password.

 Forgotten your username and password? >> 
You can now retrieve your own Username and Password yourself by following the steps outlined on your login homepage to first retrieve your Username by requesting a reminder and then retrieving your Password.

 Be honest >> 
Be honest about your qualifications and experience. List all your employment and experience to date, including work placement weeks.

 Be realistic >> 
If a job’s outside your local area, check out your daily travel options before you apply. Is it commutable and affordable? How would you get there?

 Use an appropriate voicemail greeting >> 
Update your voicemail greeting on your mobile to ensure it’s appropriate and businesslike.

Apply for several vacancies >> 
Don’t limit yourself to one application. With Apprenticeship vacancies you can apply for multiple vacancies at one time.

Check your contact details >>
When you complete an application form, it contains the email address and phone number you registered.  Before starting an application, make sure these details are correct.

 Make sure you send the application >>
Your application has only been sent when you’ve confirmed and selected ‘Send’. Saving the application will create a draft copy in your ‘Unsent’ section of ‘Manage applications’, but this will not automatically send the application.Check that the application has moved to the ‘Sent applications’ section of ‘Manage applications’.

Reuse your application >>
After you complete your first application in Apprenticeship vacancies, all the information is saved for use in future applications.Most of this information will still be relevant to your future application, for example your education history and work experience. However, it’s good practice to ensure your application is relevant to the vacancy you’re applying for.

 Unsuccessful this time? >>
If you’re not successful with your application, keep applying and don’t take it personally. Competition can be strong for Apprenticeships in certain sectors. There are plenty of Apprenticeship opportunities being added to the system all of the time. Don’t limit yourself to one application.

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