Understanding the job market

UK Labour Market: 150 Years of Change

UK Labour Market: Summary

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Why we want to help!

As a parent of two children myself, I have experienced first hand the challenges of helping them make informed career decisions. And from conversations with other parents, I know that many others have struggled and felt ill equipped to help effectively when their...

Going to University ~ advice from UCAS

Everyone knows that UCAS is the  organisation that manages applications to higher education. What is less well known is that they provide excellent online guides for the benefit of young people and their parents.  Some of these guides even cover topics that are not...

Applying for Apprenticeships as a School or College Leaver

I recently received this query from a pupil in Year 11: “Hello, I am currently still at school. When will i be able to apply for an apprenticeship? Would this be after i have done my GCSE's?  Thanks.” I thought it would be useful to reproduce my reply here in my blog...

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