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Applying for Apprenticeships as a School or College Leaver

I recently received this query from a pupil in Year 11: “Hello, I am currently still at school. When will i be able to apply for an apprenticeship? Would this be after i have done my GCSE's?  Thanks.” I thought it would be useful to reproduce my reply here in my blog...

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Generic Skills ~ advice from a major employer

 When recruiting young people, employers are often most interested in personal qualities which are quite hard to define or pin down precisely.  So they will make judgements based on gut instinct – relying on their intuition to help them decide whether an applicant...

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Is it a good idea to get a degree?

Update (August 2016): A recent report by a think tank called the Intergenerational Foundation has looked in detail at the so-called graduate premium. This is the extra amount on average that graduates will earn over their working lives compared with those who do not...

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How to write a CV personal statement

A personal statement is a brief, eye catching statement that explains your reasons for applying while highlighting your key skills. It should be the very first item at the top of your CV and should show that you know about the job you are applying for and why you...

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Find an Apprenticeship ~ How to search and apply online

This little guide will help you to make best use of the official Find an Apprenticeship service. There are two different ways to search.  You can put a keyword in or you can browse. It may not be obvious but if you leave the optional keyword box empty then you will...

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5 Tips To Bag Yourself A Digital Apprenticeship

By: Scarlett Wilson, Digital Marketing Executive @ Bubble Jobs If you’ve just finished school or college, then you might be thinking about starting an apprenticeship. There are lots of different subjects to choose from, and one of those is a digital apprenticeship. It...

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Generic Skills Checklist

Although qualifications are important in getting a job, employers also want to recruit young people who have employability skills such as communication skills, problem solving, creativity, honesty and integrity, being punctual, taking responsibility, team working,...

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young people need soft skills

Young people should play up their personal strengths and interests when applying for work, according to new research. A survey of more than 900 managers conducted recently by ICM Research for the Brathay Trust found that  nearly two fifths (38%) want young people to...

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