Are Degree Apprenticeships right for my child?

Today’s young people have a world of opportunities before them, which is great, but also daunting.  With so many options, it can be difficult to make sense of them and choose the most fitting, so we asked Dr Brooke Storer-Church, Senior Policy Advisor, Subjects and...

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Going to University ~ advice from UCAS

Everyone knows that UCAS is the  organisation that manages applications to higher education. What is less well known is that they provide excellent online guides for the benefit of young people and their parents.  Some of these guides even cover topics that are not...

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Applying for Apprenticeships as a School or College Leaver

I recently received this query from a pupil in Year 11: “Hello, I am currently still at school. When will i be able to apply for an apprenticeship? Would this be after i have done my GCSE's?  Thanks.” I thought it would be useful to reproduce my reply here in my blog...

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Building the Future ~ Apprenticeships in Construction

According to the think-tank Demos, the construction industry accounts for 2.1m jobs in the UK, representing 7pc of the workforce.  It is an industry that is highly sensitive to change in the wider economy.  As the UK economy has slowly begun to emerge from recession...

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Legal Services Apprenticeships and CILEx

A renewed interest in legal apprenticeships has seen in-house legal departments and law firms taking up Legal Services Apprenticeships (LSAs) which are overseen by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).  There are currently 360 LSAs working at 107...

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Working with Children ~ the range of apprenticeships

It can be very confusing trying to understand the complicated jigsaw of different apprenticeships and qualifications available in the field of work with children and young people. This post aims to shed some light on the different options. Children and young people's...

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Is it a good idea to get a degree?

Update (August 2016): A recent report by a think tank called the Intergenerational Foundation has looked in detail at the so-called graduate premium. This is the extra amount on average that graduates will earn over their working lives compared with those who do not...

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Find an Apprenticeship ~ How to search and apply online

This little guide will help you to make best use of the official Find an Apprenticeship service. There are two different ways to search.  You can put a keyword in or you can browse. It may not be obvious but if you leave the optional keyword box empty then you will...

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Why Careers Education Matters ~ by Laura-Jane Rawlings

Greetings dear reader This post is mainly for the enlightenment of teachers and school governors. The short video provides the opportunity for you to listen to one of England's top experts on Careers Education explaining why it is so important to do more on this....

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