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Thursday, 11 February 2016

The differences between career information, career advice and career guidance

careers information versus careers advice versus careers guidance

The following story provided by the Career Development Institute (CDI) illustrates the distinctions between career information, advice and guidance and the benefits to the client and society of utilising the expertise of a Level 6 (or above) qualified Career Adviser.

 Chris is a Year 11 pupil and as part of the career education programme in his school he attended a talk by the Fire Service and spent some time as an observer at his local fire station. He has decided that he would like to be a Firefighter. At the fire station he learned that entry is very competitive and that how you complete the application form is a key part of the process. Back at school he requested some career information from the Career Co-ordinator and was directed to the National Careers Service website,  where he found information on the entry requirements and discovered that he will need to be 18. He also attended a career advice session where he learned how to complete application forms and how to write a CV.