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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Careers in Science and Technology (STEM)

Careers in Science and Technology

If a young person is interested in science or technology then they need to know about Future Morph. The site has been designed to show young people that science and maths related subjects (STEM subjects) can equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to make them employable in the future job market, whether they become scientists or engineers, or move into other areas of employment.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Government Funded Volunteering Overseas with ICS

Volunteering Overseas with ICS

International Citizen Service (ICS) is a once-in-a-lifetime volunteering opportunity open to all 18 to 25-year-olds, backed by the UK government.

It gives you the chance to work side-by-side with local volunteers in developing countries, to make a meaningful contribution to fighting poverty, and to gain valuable skills that will stay with you long after the 12-week placement is complete.